Creating a webpage for your business or personal use is an exciting but often intimidating thing to do, especially if you aren’t HTML and CSS savvy. This is where WordPress comes into play. This blogging site does far more than simply blog. Its open source nature means that you can intuitively and easily expand it to no end. Add a skilled developer into the mix, and you will be able to create a page with all the custom functionality you would ever need. To top it off, no matter how complex your site may become, WP makes it easy for you to personally edit the content.


WordPress’ plugins are ultimately what make it so powerful. With plugins you can enhance the functionality of your webpage to no end. Instead of requiring numerous features to be coded by hand, you can simply install your plugin and it will be active.

Easy To Use On Every Level

WordPress’ ease of use provides a host of benefits both to clients and developers. For clients they do not need to contact a developer simply to update their site’s content. As WP’ default service is blogging, adding content, changing themes or doing anything else is simple.


WordPress provides many different selections for themes. They can be easily customized without having to resort to using HTML or CSS. If you need to however, it is easy to get down into the code and change everything you need.

Take a look at the official WP showcase to see some of the things that can be done with themes.

Great For SEO

Google is a huge fan of WordPress. Making a WP site means that Google will treat it well while indexing pages. In addition, WP has a host of plug-ins for SEO purposes.

It Is Not Just For Blogging

If you wish to present your website more as a standard web page than a blog, WordPress can do that with ease. WP allows you to publish two different things: posts and pages. Posts are like your standard blog articles, where as pages are static. Whether it is a landing page, about page or anything else, they are easily created with the pages function.

Built-in Comments

Few things are better for building support than direct communication with interested parties, be they fans or clients or anything else. The comments system will allow you to interact with people in an intuitive way. You can use this outlet of communication as an opportunity to build rapport as an expert, demonstrate your customer service or simply interact.

Responsive Layouts Made Easy

WP makes it so that you and your developer don’t have to worry about how your page will look on portable devices. It automatically scales your layout to the device that is viewing it.

If you are looking to streamline your webpage in every respect, WordPress is a great way to go about doing this. Give WP a try and take your content management into your own hands.

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