Owners and leaders of small businesses everywhere must strive to do everything that they can to bring as much traffic as they can to their business. A company’s website is one of its most important marketing tools. Many companies are turning to search engine optimization to do this. Search engine optimization (SEO) is a process in which companies will design a plan to make a company’s website appear higher on the Google’s search results when certain keywords pertaining to that website are searched in the search bar. It is based on an equation that is constantly evolving. This is why there are entire companies dedicated solely to search engine optimization. One way for a small business to optimize search engine results is to operate a series of articles on its website.

Blogs are great marketing tools because they are easy to set up and add content to. Companies can use these web logs to improve their search results and also relay important information to their customers and potential customers. They can be used to give tips, talks about promotions, and do pretty much anything else that you can think of. Many like them because they give companies a personal touch and a way to relate to people in a more casual way. Here are some tips for operating and maintaining a successful web log.


A small business wishing to have a successful blog should try to write about topics that are relevant. Incorporating hot button topics that are popular at the time will lead to more people landing on the blog through their Google searches. It’s a numbers game and being relevant increases the chances that a blog will be found through search engines. Relevancy is one of the cornerstones of good search engine optimization.

Use Social Media

Any business should use social media websites like Facebook and Twitter to promote their website. Twitter is especially good when trying to be relevant. Twitter displays what is trending at the time and companies can use this free resource to make the articles on their website more relevant and searchable.


Blogs that people can relate are always read in much higher numbers than those that are not. When writing one,the company should be sure not to talk over their reader’s heads. They should be conversational and easy to read in nature. Individuals are much more likely to revisit one that they have read in the past that was entertaining. Websites that people can relate to will be visited more often which will improve search engine optimization.

Stay Fresh

Companies should not let too much time lapse in between posts when using their website for marketing purposes. People tend to stop visiting and reading sites that don’t publish fresh content on a regular basis. This can damage the search engine optimization of any business. One great way to get people to subscribe is to have a scheduled time for posts to be published. This allows readers to be able to count on post at a certain time each day or week. People are more likely to forget about websites and companies that don’t post fresh relevant content on a regular basis.


Each article posted on a website should have a section for comments under it. If people post a comment it is wise to respond as quickly and thoroughly as possible. People enjoy reading articles where they can interact with the writer and get questions that they have answered. It is important that companies not put themselves above their customers and engage them on a regular basis.

Build a Community

Linking to other websites is also a great way to build a community. By linking to other sites through a process called “backlinking” companies build a network with other writers on the internet. It also makes them more likely to link to a blog. This builds the number of people that could potentially visit the site because of the network that has been created. Companies can help each other with their marketing through linking to each other and sharing each other’s information.

A well managed and professional blog can be a great marketing tool for any company that is looking to expand its customer base through the internet. It can build a relationship with customers and potential customers by communicating with them. A web log is great way to relay information to a large group of people at once. The key to having a successful blog is to be relevant and engaging and to have fresh content as often as possible.

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