Being easily found on the Internet is the key to grabbing the maximum amount of customers for your business. Surprisingly, there are many businesses who have no web presence at all. This is akin to having a store with no sign on the door, an unlisted phone number and no listed address. If customers don’t know you exist, they can’t shop with you. There are easy ways to get found on the Internet and you can get started today.

Have a Webpage

One of the best ways to get found online is to build and maintain a webpage. Your company’s webpage does not have to be fancy. It simply has to give your customers general information about your company’s products and services. There are many free website programs that will allow you to build a website quickly and easily. Some sites like Google offer free websites, complete with monthly hosting packages and domain names. Building a website is the first step in getting found on the Internet.

Learn Basic Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization, or SEO is the science of creating webpage content that will attract the attention of search engines. Statistics have shown that the majority of Internet users turn to the Web for searches. They search for information more frequently than they search for products. Search engines like Yahoo! Google and Bing search through billions of pages to deliver the most relevant results to the searcher. It then ranks the pages in order of importance, based on the information listed on them.

Optimizing your site for the Web is vital to being found online. Search engines love fresh content. Create a blog and update it with information on a regular basis. Fill your site with helpful information that your searchers will love. The key to getting high rankings in search engines is to create a page that your readers will linger on, digging deeper into the information and visiting often. Add articles, pictures, podcasts and discussion forums. Your business will be found online in no time.

Get Listed in Online Directories

Another way to get found online is to get listed in online directories. Sites like Google will list your company’s profile and make it available to searchers. These directories will also help your page show up in an image search. Keep all of your information updated regularly to gain the most traffic for your site.

Buy a Relevant Domain

Registering a domain that is relevant to your company is the main way to get found online. Some companies register .com, .net and .org domain names for their company. Not only will this help you get found by search engines, it will prevent competitors from trying to impersonate you online.

Get Social

Participation in social media sites can help you get found online. Participate in discussion groups and create social media pages. Update your Twitter account with news about your business and respond to user questions online. Add relevant content to your sites and encourage your readers to share information with their friends online. Post pictures of your company on Flickr and Pinterest and make it easy for readers to follow you online.

Give Away Free Information

Giving away information that your readers can use is key to being found online. Don’t write your site’s content for the search engines. Write for your readers. When you provide them with useful information, you instill trust in them. They will then reward you with loyalty, visiting your site again and again and referring you to their friends. The majority of people that use the Web access it to conduct searches. By giving away free information such as articles, e-books, white papers and videos, you will attract your readers to your page. Once they are there, you can sell them on your products and services.

Have Others Work for You

If you offer a product, you can get help getting found online from other webmasters. Affiliate marketing programs allow you to offer commissions to webmasters for promoting your products online. Increase your site’s visibility and gain new exposure on the Internet.

Getting found online is essential to your small business. Use a few strategies to make your company visible on the Internet.

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