For most website owners, the primary problem is generating website traffic; however, another problem that many website owners face is trying to capture information from their website visitors such as an email address so that future communication can be initiated and maintained. Moreover, without a well thought out plan for capturing visitor information, most website owners will lose numerous opportunities to gain potential sales and future website traffic.

One of the most popular methods that is used today to capture website visitor information is a capture form. The basic function of the capture form is to provide website visitors with an easy and convenient way to leave selected information on a website such as their name, email address, interests, and phone number. There are many variations to the forms used to capture website visitor information such as the entering web page popup form, exiting web page popup form, and the traditional on-page signup form.

Whether using a pop-up, pop-under, or traditional on-page signup form to capture website visitor information, the goal is always the same, which is to encourage website visitors to enter the requested information before leaving the website. The type of capture lead form that website owners use can vary, but the success rate for acquiring information from website visitors depends on many factors such as the type of form used, the color of the form, the layout of the form, and the message provided on the form.

To improve the success rate for visitors entering information on a capture lead form, website owners have to try various forms and looks because only through testing can the best method be discovered. A form that works well on one website is not a guarantee for success using the same form on another website.

Moreover, on the Internet today, website visitors are very sensitive to leaving their personal information on websites. Many people have encountered problems related to leaving personal information on websites such as their email address. Therefore, website owners should seriously consider placing a privacy policy on their websites to provide their visitors with a policy to view that explains what is requested and how the information will be used by the websites.

At Interactive Web Solutions, creating forms for capturing website visitor information is a skill that has been developed and fine-tuned over many years. There are a lot of ways to use capture lead forms on websites, and Interactive Web Solutions has helped a variety of website owners capture visitor information with forms that get the job done.