Pay Per Click Advertising

Getting noticed on the web is a difficult task. Webmasters use many tools to help websites reach the first page of search engine results. One of these tools is PPC or pay per click advertising. This form of advertising is popular because it is among the most cost-efficient approaches to online advertising. Setting up online advertising can be tricky, and it is helpful to use experienced designers like those found at Interactive Web Solutions.

As its name implies, pay per click advertising charges the ad owner a fixed amount each time the link is clicked on. Hosts, or other webmasters that agree to put such a link on their site, are reimbursed for each of these clicks. This makes PPC one of the most efficient advertising forms. Owners know they are only paying for advertising that is working. Hosts are encouraged to make their ad links visible and relevant because they don’t make any advertising income of nobody clicks on their links. Pay per click links can be anything from individual words to colorful and interactive banners. As with all advertising, the bigger and more inciting the link the more likely it is to be clicked. Unlike other forms of blanket advertising, pay per click demands that visitors take action in order to be effective.

Ad owners can also manage pay per clock ads better than almost any other form of advertising. They can track exactly what links are getting hits or not getting hits, and they can rearrange where they place their links accordingly. This is far superior to blanket advertising where the true source of new web traffic could be ambiguous.

Google Adwords

Search engines, such as Google, will often manage pay per click ads automatically for clients. A good example of this is Google’s Adwords. Adwords uses search engine technology to automatically assign relevant advertising links to sites. These usually appear in small groups to the side of the page and can be spotted all over the web. These links most often redirect the visitor to the owner’s site. Owners pay to have their link included in Adwords. Hosts who opt into the program are then paid a small amount by Google each time a link on their page is clicked. These types of programs are easy and hassle free, but can be less efficient than hand-picked links or links provided directly by a partner. The links often have the disadvantage of being plain and clustered.

The expert designers at Interactive Web Solutions can maximize your advertising dollars by creating the best plan to fit your budget and the needs of your website.