A “landing page” is the page of a website to which a link leads. While a site’s front page is a common destination, it’s not the only option. The industry experts at Interactive Web Solutions can help make sure that your links match your visitors’ interests and needs.

What’s the first thing someone sees when they visit your website? You probably offer a lot of different products and services. How can you make sure that visitors not only find your website, but also the specific pages that will convert them to customers? Your front page may be amazing, but if a potential customer followed a link which promised information about a specific product or sale, they’re not going to spend a lot of time clicking through your site searching for it. If they don’t see it on your site right away, they’ll go look for it on someone else’s site.

The Internet is a staggeringly huge network of information which is generated by and for real people. No two users are exactly the same. Visitors who find your website get there from somewhere else: search engine results pages, an ad that you placed on another site, an email that went out to a list, a link in a blog or forum comment…the possibilities are endless. Each pair of eyes on your site is connected to a person who’s looking for something specific, so the landing pages from which they start will make a big difference.

If your online ad or targeted email is talking about a sale, that link should take them directly to the page where they can make a purchase. Someone who follows your link from a gardening site is probably not the same person as the one who reaches your site from a technology blog, and you should not introduce yourself the same way to both of them. If someone finds your site in a search engine by using certain keywords, that’s a big advantage for you – take them to a page that meets their exact needs!

Links in online ads and other sources spark your readers’ interest. Imagine what could happen if your site had landing pages tailored for every visitor! At Interactive Web Solutions, you’ll find a professional team ready to help you direct your website traffic with utmost efficiency and precision, turning visitors into customers.