Increase Your Presence and Reach More People with a Mobile Web Site. In today’s mobile world, nearly 80 million Americans access the internet from a mobile phone. If your website isn’t optimized for mobile use, you’re missing out on a large piece of the financial pie.

In fact, more and more people now are accessing the internet from their mobile devices than from a laptop or desktop computer. Consumers expect to be able to access information and purchase items when they want and from where they are at any time they wish. This instant gratification-type mentality has created a new and powerful tool for online business owners: The mobile web site.

Why You Need a Mobile Website Right Now

Regardless of the product you’re trying to sell or service you want consumers to buy, a mobile web site is essential in order for your business to be successful.

Regular websites designed for laptops and desktops can be accessed via mobile phones as well, however, the user experience is vastly different. The text will be hard to read, the buttons won’t be big enough and many of the graphics on the site won’t even load correctly. When customers click on your website and find out that they can’t even read the content or purchase an item, they will immediately hit the back button to the search engine results page.

You need a mobile website right now because many of your potential customers who are accessing your website from a mobile phone aren’t staying long enough to see what it is you’re selling. Your conversion numbers will vastly improve once your site is optimized for mobile devices.

The Competitive Edge

Believe it or not, you’re not the only person who doesn’t have a mobile web site. A large number of your direct competitors will likely not realize the opportunity they are missing without a mobile website.

Gain a competitive edge on the competition and get a mobile website as soon as possible. Your customer base will drastically increase because they have little to no other mobile option for the type of products you offer. Once they find that your website is optimized for mobile use, they will just keep coming back for more.

How Can Interactive Web Solutions Help

An online marketing strategy is useless without a mobile website. The online marketing system that Interactive Web Solutions has developed includes everything needed to be successful in the online marketplace, including a mobile website designed to your specific business needs.