How It Works

Zillow DesignsWe recently had a brand new blog template designed for our site, and we decided to try something new – crowdsourcing. If you’ve never heard of crowdsourcing before, here’s how it works: you choose a design service that you need and an amount that you’d like to pay (the more you spend, the more designs you get), and then you fill out a form to let designers know what you are looking for and the project or “contest” has begun. After seven days, we had a bunch of designs to choose from, and we chose our favorite. The designer who submitted the design got paid, and we walked away with a new design.

Why Crowdsourcing?

We decided to go this route because we needed to stay within a budget and we wanted to see different design concepts based on different designers’ perspectives. When you are working with an agency or freelancer, the prices are through the roof, they take a while, and you are only getting a few designs from one designer. We used to crowdsource our blog template design needs, and we would do it again in a heartbeat. If you need design work that won’t break the bank, but will offer great quality and quantity, then you have to check ZillionDesigns out. They offer tons of services and packages at incredibly affordable prices, which is perfect if you are a small or mid-sized business like us.